Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Nasi's Recount of Coes Ford, Tree planting

On Friday the whole school Burnham school went to Coes Ford. We went got there we had to get into our groups.The first thing our group did was the Harakeke weaving. I made a fish. Next we went to the river to catch some bugs, we found a dragonfly.

After that, our group went to plant some trees. I dug a hole and Andrew put the tree in. We planted three trees. When all the group had finished we had a sausage sizzle for lunch. After lunch we played a game of slap, then we got on the bus and came back to school.

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  1. What a wonderful project! Looking after the environment is such an important part of our lives. Well done, Room 2 and all of Burnham School!

    Mrs Yore and the Middle Matters in Melbourne