Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Coes Ford

On Friday burnham school went to Coes ford.We were put into groups. First my group planted trees and my partner was Oli,we planted three trees. Suddenly when I was digging I saw some native earth worms. When we finished through the tree planting we went to the weaving. I made a flower. It was a bit hard but I got better at weaving. Next my group went to the stream but before we went to the stream we looked at other land, such as spiders and beetles bugs . We found lots of bugs that had three tails. I really enjoyed going to Coes ford.

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  1. Dear Harvey,

    Greetings from hot and dry San Antonio, Texas, USA! What an amazing field trip! Dirt, bugs, worms, water and weaving? Does a field trip get any better than that?

    I have never seen a bug with three tails. If I ever see a bug like that I might have to let out a little scream. :)

    Congratulations on such a fabulous learning experience.

    Mrs. Bright