Thursday, August 18, 2011

Burnham School- Snow Photograph Competition

Some of us were back yesterday. All the students were excited that school was closed for two days. Mr Clarke ran a competition for the students to send in their own photographs of the snow. Please comment on which photograph you like.


  1. WOW! It looks like you all had a lot of fun in the snow. It snowed at Hamilton East School on Monday for 3 minutes at lunchtime. We were super excited because it never snows in Hamilton. We wish we had enough snow to play in like you guys.
    We have had a class vote on your great photos. We hope you can work out what photos we mean....
    Boogie board on ramp = 1
    Snow bath = 5
    Snow monster (with light inside) = 8
    Superman = 4
    Cat = 3
    Boogie board in the air = 1
    Lawnmower = 2
    Igloo = 1
    Rudolph = 1
    Fairy snowman = 2
    Hula snowman = 1
    Horse rolling = 1

    Thank you for sharing your hilarious photos.
    From Room 14
    Hamilton East School

  2. Room 2,
    We loved your snow photos. We wish we had enough snow to play in and make snow monsters!! We liked the photo of the enormous snow cat! Tui says "I am still walking home everyday!"
    from Room 16
    Hamilton East School