Monday, July 11, 2011

New Zealand Artist-Fraser Williamson

Room 2 have been looking at a New Zealand Artist, Fraser Williamson's. He illustrates in many New Zealand's school journals and stories within the journals. Here is a link to his website We decided to paint a theme of a deserted island using his style of painting.

We like his paintings because they very unique and different. His painting are done in a cartoon style with a South pacific feel.

What is really awesome is that Fraser Williamson has commented on our Pictures!!!!


  1. Fraser Williamson/FrazJuly 11, 2011 at 11:46 AM

    Hi there Room 2 Burnham School. It was very exciting to realise that you were studying my work and I loved the paintings you did of the deserted island. I can see the influence from my work with the lovely wave patterns and the birds and trees. Thanks for the encouragement you give me to keep on working because I know that you have enjoyed what I have done. I am working on a book right now about how crow got black feathers and I am working on some paintings for an exhibition in new York next year so everything is very exciting. Now that I know someone is looking at my web site I will have to put some new work on there for you. All the best with your work and kindest regards from me here in my little studio. Fraser

  2. Hi Fraser,

    Thanks so much for commenting on this awesome work by Room 2. They are so excited you did that!

    Would you like to come and visit us in person perhaps? Or even skype us if you can come and visit? I may be able to help.

    Rob Clarke

  3. Dear Room 2 Burnham school,
    We have never heard of Fraser Williamson. We really like your art work. How great to have a real artist write a comment on your blog.

    From Busy Bees at the Bay

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