Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New Spelling Programme "Word Builder"

Kia Ora,

I have discovered an online spelling programme that may lessen the stress of spelling homework for both students and parents.

Your child has been given a list of words to be learnt as normal by Friday. However on the top of the each student's individual list is a grade and the unit of the words that a student is learning.

You may want your child to learn the words in a normal manner or go onto this link ( this link is also on the righthand side of the blog). The program is a self -directed learning for your student to learn their list of words.

Your child only has to click on the grade and the unit to find their spelling words. He/ She follows the instructions to help them reinforce the spelling of their list words, which is done by completing the online game.

Hopefully this will reduce some stress around spelling. I would appreciate that you still test your child once and sign their spelling words before Friday.

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