Monday, June 20, 2011

Room 2's, Space Inquiry Questions-

Here are the Questions Room 2 will be focusing on:

  • What are planets made of ?
  • Why do planets have different patterns and colours from space?
  • Why is Pluto is not consider as a planet?
  • How did Asteroids get their names?

Below is a powerpoint demonstrating our process to get to these questions;


  1. Hi Room 2 and Mr Thurlow,

    Thank you for visiting our blog. We love reading comments.

    What does 'Kia Ora' mean? We think it might mean hello.

    We have written about T-Rex too. We know that T-Rex laid eggs to have babies.
    Some of the things we know about T-Rex is that:
    - They are carnivores (eats meat)
    - He was about 2 classrooms tall
    - He was about 12m long
    - His tail and his legs helped him move quickly
    - He was one of the biggest meat eaters
    - He could eat up to 230kg in one bite!

    We noticed that you linked to our blog - we wanted to let you know we don't live on the Gold Coast. Bribie is on the Sunshine Coast. We have linked to yours too.

    Lots of us are interested in visiting your blog again to see some space facts.

    From 1C and Mrs Thorburn

  2. I thought of Room 2 when I came across this great solar system website.