Monday, June 6, 2011

First Moon Walk- Retold by Tim

Here is Tim's Recount of Man's First Walk on the Moon...

The World listened to their radios and televisions as Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong searched for the best place to land on the moon.

As it was the worlds first visit to the moon and they had less than 3 hours to explore. They wanted to learn as much as the two astronauts could. They found it very difficult to walk normally on the moon, so they had to try out different ways to move around.
Kangaroo hopping was one way that Buzz tried to get around the moon.

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  1. I think this was the most 'historic' day of my lifetime! Every time I read about it I think of standing on our doorstep with my dad, looking at the!
    We did loads of work on it back then in school. We had special tokens to collect from garages and spaceships in our cornflakes!
    it's a really strong piece of writing Tim. Remember this was in a time when their computers were probably les powerful than my laptop! The spaceship was in effect mechanical, just bolted together.

    Would you like to have made that journey?
    What do you think the biggest challenges would have been?

    Mr E