Thursday, June 9, 2011

Explanation -How Are Meteors Made?

Meteors begin as little chunks of rock and dust they are called Meteroids. These fragments of dust and rock are mostly located in a tail of a comet. When a comet zooms by the sun, the heat from the sun begins to melt the comet. Pieces of rocks breaks down and depart from the comet. These left over portions of rocks float in space, as the comet speeds on.

As Earth orbits the sun, Earth journeys by many meteoroids. Most of meteoroids are pulled closer to Earth because of the Earth's gravity. As meteoroids begin to travel through the Earth's atmosphere they become very, very hot. They are so hot they burn up and glow. Meteors are mostly mistaken for a shooting stars. However shooting stars are meteoroids that hit Earth's Atmosphere and burn up and glow.

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