Monday, May 9, 2011

Burnham School Room 2- Star Treking Through the Universe

Room 2 have been investigating-

What is the Milky Way?
  • It's a galaxy made up of a whole group of stars.
What we have learnt about the the Milky Way:
  • Our galaxy is called the Milky way it has spirals or arms.
  • There are other galaxies but the Milky Way has the Sun, Earth and Moon.
  • The Milky way is the only galaxy that can be seen by the naked eye.
  • Our Sun in so small in the Milky Way it is like a grain of sand on a large beach.


  1. Hi there Room 2, we are Room 10 at St. Francis Xavier School in Whangarei.
    Nice movie, we learnt a lot about the stars and the galaxy from you. It was really interesting especially the bit about taking 3000 years to count all the stars in the galaxy!
    Thank-you for visiting our blog and leaving us a comment - we will be keeping an eye on your blog too!

  2. It's 5:26am here, I am making a cup of tea and then I come across your new post! Now I know as teachers it helps if we love our jobs ... making star trek films, is just great. Well done Burnham. Have a search for any you tube clips by Professor Brian Cox, he has just done an amazing series on BBC about space.
    Did you know it takes 8min 20sec for light to travel from the Earth to the sun and that the volume of the sun is 1,000,000 times that of the Earth. Then when you think that wehave a small sun ... wow.

    burnjam School, " To boldly blog, where other bloggers fear to go!"

    Mr E

  3. cool start guys
    from cody and nathan