Thursday, May 19, 2011

New Vegetable Ready for Matariki

An enormous thanks to Matua Joe for building and helping us place the new vegetable garden in today. The framing looks wicked and very functional. We are having the Burnham school's values craved into the framing of the gardens.

  • Self-Belief/Strength- whakapono (believe) or wairua (spirit), tuturu (absolute belief)
  • Respect-Whaikoha
  • Responsibility- tikanga
  • Achievement-angitu

I also would like to thank the students that help Joe, we couldn't have done it without you. Overall, Joe's dog was really impressed how everyone pitched in!!!

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  1. This is a very important post for us. We are hoping to do the same thing that you are doing, by starting to grow things in 'deep beds'. Could Joe pop around and do some for me?
    We must start posting some of our plans with a 'garden' tag.
    We sometimes have the small problem of fruit and veg becoming available in August, which is when we have our summer holiday! So we need to grow different plants ... well that is one theory!
    I very much like the idea of carving in your excellent school values. It would be great if you could do an audio post where the children told us how to pronounce the words correctly.
    What things are the children looking forward to growing?
    I'm passing this link on to a couple of friends in a similar position.

    Mr E