Friday, April 29, 2011

Welcome back to term 2!

Tènà koutou Parents/Caregiver,

Welcome back to Term 2!! Supposedly known as the long, cold winter term. Although the recent crisp mornings have eventuated into glorious days.

This term our Inquiry is called "Infinity and Beyond". The students will explore our solar system and the interconnections between the Sun, Earth and Moon. Our writing will incorporate both explanation and information reports around our Inquiry.

Reading will focus on non fiction. Students will be practicing sourcing information and becoming more confident in evaluating what information is relevant for their learning and understanding.

Maths for the first two weeks is investigating measurement. Then numeracy will follow for the rest of the term. The students have made excellent progress in their Maths. The next step is to work on instant recall of "double facts" up to 20. For example 6+6=12.

Important Dates this Term:

Learning Conferences 9 May and 11 May (This is a time to reevaluate your child's goals before the conferences and ask me questions so that both of us can further your child's learning.)

Cross Country 12 May

Life Education 24 - 27 May

Looking forward to meeting you all.

Chris Thurlow

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  1. Hi Mr. Thurlow!

    We are glad you liked watching our glogster on the ladybug garden and thank you for the compliment on our frog blog! We enjoyed watching that the Easter Bunny is Really Real! We knew he was!

    We would love to keep in touch with your class and be international blog buddies! Thanks so much for visiting our site and we have added your blog to our "friends we follow" list!

    Miss Powers and The Friendly Frogs