Saturday, April 16, 2011

My class room

In my classroom there is one GIANTSmart board, one mat and one library corner. The Library corner has lots of books on volcanoes because we are looking on volcanoes. The types of volcanoes we are looking on are Composite and Shield. The volcanoes look like this.


  1. Hi to all in Burnham school from Sligo, Ireland... we recently appeared on tv and we mentioned how we were in contact with a school in New Zealand.... namely you! We have also changed our class blog name! Happy Easter from Ms. Gilmartin's class!

  2. Dear Room 2,
    It is so cool that you are learning about volcanoes. I have to things to share. First, one of my students wrote a poem about a volcano which you can find here:
    Second, the place I come from in North America has a chain of volcanos. One of them blew its top when I was a little girl. Have a look here at the before and after photos:
    I'm not sure if Mt. St. Helens is composite or shield. Is that something you can help me figure out?
    Ms. Chesebro
    Bangkok, Thailand