Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Numeracy Game- Daisy Chain

Here is a movie explaining the game Daisy Chain. The Rectangle maths group were given the task to explain and film a movie informing others about Daisy Chain game without any direction from the teacher.


  1. Hi room 2!
    This is LZ6 from bakersbeautbunch.
    We really like your blog and want to try out the game daisy chain. Cool idea to video how to play it! You were asking about how we made Marli the dog talk...really easy. Go to www.blabberize.com and you can make any picture talk! Give it a try and we will check it to see what you do!

  2. Hello Burnham 2 and Mr Thurlow. Some of our students tried to explain Confirmation:
    confirmation is one of the sacraments of the holy spirt.There are 7 sacraments the first is batism. The next 1 is reconciliation. 2 comunion is the 3 we are on are 4 one now which is confirmation.It meens to confirm that you are going to become an adult in the church. On your confirmation you will resive the 7 fruits and the gifts of the holy spirt witch are WISDOM, UNDERSTANDING,RIGHT JUDGEMENT, KNOWLEDGE, COURAGE, REVERENCE and WONDER AND AWE IN GODS PRESENCE. They are the gifts,these are the fruits :LOVE,SELF-CONTROL, GOODNESS, KINDNESS,PEACE,PATIENCE,TRUSTFULNESS,GENTELNESS and JOY,They are all the fruits.ten commandments are DO NOT HAVE FALSE GODS,DO NOT TAKE LORDS NAME IN VAIN,KEEP HOLY THE LORDS DAY,RESPECT YOUR PARENTS,DO NOT KILL,DO NOT COMMIT ADULTERY,DO NOT STEAL,DO NOT LIE,RESPECT YOUR NEIGHBOURS WIFE AND LAST RESPECT YOUR NEIGHBOURS GOODS.